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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~My Career As A Future Teacher~

Professional Development Plan. Of course about my future career as a teacher. Hopefully I will be able to teach Chemistry subject in future.As we discuss about it, anyone has thier own goal. It cannot be blame anymore that they have thier own right to determine thier own destiny. But one thing to be consider is all about choice. For me, career likes a symbol that always be with us. From that, we get our own money, and support our live in the future. For my career development, firstly, I need to finished what I had started. Being a teacher. Until now, the feeling to be a better teacher always around my head. But, to hold this responsibility always made me wondering that can I be a good teacher? I hope I can hold it as it was my promise during the starting day I become the student at UPSI. The promise towards myself and my family as well. Now, my time in here are getting more short. I will have 2 and half year to finished my study here. After that what should I do? It must me a long journey to faced right? Future my study....always be my inspiration to become a good person. After I finished my study here, I lovely plan to future my study in industrial chemistry. It is my dream, to be in RnD position in this sector. Wondering it as not easy job, I must perform successfully as well as possible in this area. Life long learning....cannot be blame anymore. For me, this statement are related to my ownself. I know if we want to get something, we must be something, I hope all the bloggers know what I mean and if I did not have a change to go into industrial sector, I will further my study until i became a lecturer one day..Amin...In all need a lot of efforts..nothing can be achieve as a simple thing...obstacle always in front of us....but it also depend on how we can handle it.
That was one of my favourite lecturer when I was studied in Penang Matriculation College. She is the person who encourage me to take chemistry in my future career. She said that she can see the related between me and chemistry....unbeliveable. It all the hope and vision for someone called teacher. I always pray to all my teachers hopefully they will be in Allah blessing.InsyaAllah.