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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~My Philosophy As A Teacher~

My Philosophy as a teacher is simple.  I believe that all students regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religious background and any other classification are deserving of a wholistic education. This wholistic approach would include an education that will allow them to fully discover themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and benefit from necessary real world or real life instruction. Furthermore, this type of approach would expose students to cultures and experiences that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to encounter. 
Moreover, as a future Chemistry educator and Chemistry being among the most prominent subject areas where students struggle the most, my philosophy includes encouraging a lot of individual thought and creativity in the classroom.  In effect, causing students to become adequate problem solvers and analytical thinkers and in the process essentially allowing for the students to educate one another and the traditional role of a teacher, over time becoming transformed into more of a classroom facilitator.  I will be vested in making my students thinkers and achievers.  Allowing students to become apathetic or permitting to achieve at the most basic level is a hindrance on their ability to excel and compete at their greatest capacity.
In addition to that, my philosophy includes a lot of LOVE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, and TIME!  Students need a lot of attentions.  From my own experience, I recognize that many of the results that educators look for, take a tremendous amount of time to come to fruition.  However, I recognize that the four attributes named above with the catalyst of CONSISTENCY and PARENT INVOLVEMENT will assure a majority success rate with my students. 
It is of the most importance that students receive an education that will not focus intently on curriculum, but that children acquire skills and a knowledge base that will encourage them and allow them to function at a superior level throughout their entire academic career.  To achieve this, they must have maximized exposure to technologies, a greater support base, a diverse and interdisciplinary curriculum, and a teacher who is willing to sacrifice to ensure that their students achieve not just at the present time, but also for a lifetime!